Welcome to Mike Ross Consulting

We have been in the I.T. Consulting Business for more than twelve years. In that time we have designed and built systems for DHL, two State Legislatures, County Governments, Online Banking, ATM Machines, Gaming (casinos), Payment Processing and an array of other industries.

You should consider our consulting services if you need custom software (web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, services, or system integration), database design, data warehousing, data conversions, system upgrades or to complete a project that another team was unable to complete.

I am a real person who lives in Spring Hill, TN with my wife Lynde and our 4 children. I am an excellent communicator and have a knack for making stakeholders feel comfortable throughout the entire development process. You will not have to learn Klingon to effectively communicate with me and my team.

I work with clients all over the country and have successfully done so for more than twelve years. 

I look forward to speaking with you about how we can help meet your software, architecture, consulting and development needs. Please feel free to call me at 512-299-8114 or send me a message by clicking here or the Contact Us link above.

Example Software

Payment Processing Software

This sample application demonstrates dashboards with live data feeds along with charts, and reporting.
Utilizing: C#, ASP/NET, MVC, jQuery, AJAX, and SQL Server

Custom Dashboard Development

Utilize your existing infrastructure and data to build custom dashboards that give visibility to critical data.

Web Application Development

A Web Application is an application that is accessible via a web browser either over the web or on the local intranet. Web Applications are easy to update and maintain because there is no need to distribute executable files to the client machines that need access to the software. Any computer with an internet browser and a connection can access the web application at any time.


  • Web Applications do not require complex "roll out" procedures to deploy in large organizations. Simply update the web application on the server and the new version is live.
  • Since Web Applications run in the browser there is nothing to install and there is no storage space needed.
  • Web Applications are platform Independent. The same application will run on a Windows, Mac, or Linux OS through the web browser.

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Mobile App Development

A Mobile App is a software application designed to run on smart phones (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc), tablet computers (IPAD, Windows, Android devices) and other mobile devices.


  • Mobile Apps enable Push Notifications. You have direct access to the user of the device when your app is installed.
  • Your logo is visible on the users phone. This is good for branding and marketing.
  • Ability to communicate with your App/System from virtually anywhere.

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Desktop Application Development

A Desktop Application is installed on your local machine. It does not require an internet connect to run. Microsoft Word and Quickbooks would be examples of Desktop applications.


  • Very fast and rich user interfaces.
  • These apps are very secure since they run only on your local machine.
  • These applications are more powerful for tasks that need to operate on a local machine. A web application cannot interact with the operating system of a client machine.

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